How Meghan Markle DOESN’T need Prince Harry – ‘Not looking for Duke to complete her’

Meghan became the Duchess of Sussex upon marrying Prince Harry on May 19 last year. But, in the past months she has shown a great deal of independence in decision making, which signals she has married Harry for love and not for a need to be completed by her husband, relationship expert Sami Wunder told 

The expert said: “It is easy to see that Meghan is not looking for Harry or this marriage to complete her.

“She may have given up her Hollywood career due to royal protocol but the woman continues to keep herself busy and involved with several charitable interests and even flew all the way to New York to enjoy her baby shower with her own set of personal friends.

“She is not going to be the woman that looks up to Prince Harry to fulfil each and every one of her needs, as many first time married women would do.” 

This independence is partially due to Meghan’s strength of character but also to her past love life, including her failed first marriage to Trevor Engelson, the expert believes.

Ms Wunder said: “Now it is only natural that the first time around one is all doe-eyed and believes that love is enough to make a marriage last.

“However, the second time around, a woman like Meghan realises that while love is the foundation, wisdom, skills, patience and having a sense of humour, all play a role too, in the longevity of the relationship.”

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Meghan began a relationship with actor and producer Mr Engelson in 2004. 

The pair married in 2011 in Ocho Rios, in Jamaica, with a relaxed ceremony where friends and families were invited.

However, their union didn’t last, and in 2013 they divorced, citing irreconcilable differences.


Meghan had another long-term romance before meeting Prince Harry in the summer of 2016.

In 2014, the then-actress, who found international fame thanks to TV legal drama Suits, started dating celebrity chef Cory Vitiello.

They broke up in March 2016, just months before a friend set Meghan up on a blind date with Prince Harry.

Her past, Ms Wunder said, have given Meghan a baggage of experience that can help the Duchess see her second marriage under a different perspective. 

She said: “I believe that having navigated a bad divorce, Meghan cherishes and values the love and support she has found in Prince Harry and understands that marriage is not just about the glorious moments but also about embracing the imperfections, warts and all that come as a result of the union.

“Lastly, without going into the details of the mistakes that happened in the first marriage, Meghan is a woman who would have learnt from them, without a doubt.

“This learning and wisdom and experience she brings to her marriage with Prince Harry, which can only be a good thing.

“While there is no magic formula that can predict whether a second marriage will be successful or not, it is true that recovering from a first bad marriage can actually make you into a better, richer, wiser and more mature person.”

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